Why we started Next

Recent McKinsey Global Innovation Survey found:

While 84% of executives say innovation is important to their growth & strategy, only 6% are happy with their innovation performance.

In Summary

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Next‍‍‍ lets you close the gap on your innovation performance.

Here is how:

Walk the talk

Design thinking & lean

Breakaway from hopeless antiquated ways of managing innovation–that is, in spreadsheets and slides. Next‍‍‍ lets you embed a structured innovation process rooted in design thinking and lean best practices enabling teams to innovate from insight to venture in ways never possible before.

Level up your people

Next‍‍‍ provide people with in-app practical, engaging and actionable knowledge at every step of the innovation process. Build up your people's skills and mindset on the fly in a scalable and affordable way. Successful innovations starts with your people.

Measure & manage

May it be for a single project or cross-project, may it be for the innovators themselves or sponsors, Next‍‍‍ offers a combination of in-app dashboards, real-time notifications, and digests that put innovation at your fingertips. Real-time, fun, and performing innovation is.

Say goodbye to lengthy implementations, upgrades or user testing. Next‍‍‍ is delivered in the cloud, requiring minimal setup. Our application is accessible from any computer or mobile device, meaning innovation can be happen whenever, wherever.

Protecting your data is our #1 priority. Next is‍‍‍ designed for enterprise-grade privacy and security. Robust user account permissions and password policies, vigorous physical and virtual measures, and high-grade network-wide encryption ensure security, privacy and compliance. Learn more here.



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Recent Deloitte Digital Study found:

Innovation almost never fails due to a lack of creativity. When it fails, it's almost always because of a lack of discipline.

Keep walking

Next‍‍‍ keeps things simple, safe and secure